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  I. Vocabulary and Structure (45 Points)

  Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.

  1. She is very particular ______ food and clothes.

  A. on

  B. for

  C. at

  D. about be particular about是固定词组,意思是“挑剔”。

  2. Five thousand pounds ______ too unreasonable a price for that second-hand car.

  A. is

  B. are

  C. were

  D. be

  3. A solid is different from a liquid ______ the solid has definite shape.

  A. in that

  B. in which

  C. in what

  D. because of which

  4. I want some coffee, but there was ______ in the pot.

  A. any

  B. no

  C. none

  D. nothing

  5. The doctor sent him to bed, saying he was much ______.

  A. too ill

  B. very ill

  C. ill enough

  D. ill

  6. ______ all his friends agree, he was warm-hearted, obliging and generous.

  A. Now that

  B. Even if

  C. Although

  D. As

  7. I always prefer starting early, ______ leaving everything to the last minute.

  A. other than

  B. fairly than

  C. rather than

  D. less than

  8. He was the only one of the candidates who ______ able to carry out his campaign pledge.

  A. have been

  B. has been

  C. were

  D. was

  9. They have to learn from their mistakes, ______?

  A. don’t they

  B. oughtn’t they

  C. haven’t they

  D. mustn’t they

  10. Neither the chairman nor the members of the committee ______ his plan.

  A. accepts

  B. accept

  C. is accepted

  D. are accepted

  11. George had difficulty swimming across the lake, but he finally succeeded on his fourth ______.

  A. attempt

  B. process过程

  C. display展示

  D. instance实例;例证

  12. I know I have seen that man before, but I can’t _______ where.

  A. assume假定

  B. wonder想知道

  C. recognize辨认

  D. recall回忆

  13. In this hot weather the ice will soon _______.

  A. spoil弄坏,宠坏,变质

  B. melt

  C. bake

  D. fail

  14. Mary wanted to go to New York herself, but her parents would not give their ________.

  A. control控制

  B. example

  C. consent同意,允许

  D. limit限制,局限

  15. I sometimes take John’s coat instead of my own, because the two of them look so ________.

  A. original最初的,原来的”

  B. similar相似的

  C. indifferent冷淡的,冷漠的

  D. curious好奇的

  16. Great men often have great ________.

  A. mistakes

  B. flaws

  C. misdeeds

  D. faults

  17. In the bitter cold, the explorers managed to ________ despite the shortage of food.

  A. live

  B. endure忍受

  C. survive

  D. remain

  18. The _______ of new scientific discoveries to industrial production methods usually makes job easier to do.

  A. addition

  B. association联系,联想

  C. application

  D. affection爱

  19. Color-blind people often find it difficult to _______ between blue and green.

  A. separate

  B. compare

  C. distinguish

  D. contrast

  20. He’s been working too hard and he’s ________. He needs a rest.

  A. broken apart

  B. run over轧过,快速浏览

  C. broken out爆发

  D. run down


  I Vocabulary and Structure (45 Points)

  1. 答案: D。

  be particular about是固定词组,意思是“挑剔”。

  2. 答案: A。

  主语five thousand pounds须作为一个整体概念来看待,其谓语动词用单数形式,表示金钱、时间、度量衡等的短语通常作为一个整体来看待。

  3. 答案: A。

  in that = because,表原因,此句的意思是“固体与液体的不同之处在于固体有固定的形状”。

  4. 答案: C。

  none = not any,表示一点都没有,此句的意思是“我想来一些咖啡,可罐子里一点也没有了”。

  5. 答案: A。

  much too = very,表很,非常,此句的意思是“医生让他卧床,说他病得很重”。

  6. 答案: D。

  now that既然;even if =even though,即便,即使;although尽管;as此处作为关系代词指代整个主句所表达的意思,此句的意思是“正像他所有的朋友都认同的那样,他是位乐于助人、慷慨大方的人”。

  7. 答案: C。

  other than不同于,除了;rather than而不是,胜过;less than小于,此句的意思是“我总是喜欢早动手,而不是把所有的事情留到最后”。

  8. 答案: D。

  此处关系代词who指代的不是the candidates,而是the only one of the candidates,所以谓语动词要用单数,此句的意思是“他是唯一一位能够实现其竞选誓言的人”。

  9. 答案: A。


  10. 答案: B。

  由or, either...or, neither...nor, not only...but also连接的并列主语,通常根据就近原则,动词与最靠近的并列成分保持数的一致,此句的意思是“主席与委员会的成员都没有接受他的计划”。

  11. 答案: A。

  attempt意为“尝试”;process意为“过程”;display意为“展示”; instance意为“实例;例证”。

  12. 答案: D。


  13. 答案: B。


  14. 答案: C。


  15. 答案: B。


  16. 答案: D。


  17. 答案: C。


  18. 答案: C。


  19. 答案: C。

  separate(…from….意为“(把…同…)分离”;compare(…with…意为“(把…同…)比较”;distinguish (between…and….意为“(把…同…)区分开”;contrast (…with…. 意为“把…同…比较,对照”。

  20. 答案: D。

  break apart意为“拆开”;run over意为“轧过,快速浏览”;break out意为“(战争、自然灾害)爆发”;run down意为“(人)疲惫,虚弱”。